1. Uncle Kent

    uncle kent

    Just finished Uncle Kent, which I would assume is my first “mumblecore” flick. Swanberg’s films have been called mumblecore for their bare-bones approach to the aesthetics of filmmaking, focusing more on the story and characters. Something like a Youtube feature with storytelling merit.

    Uncle Kent is a close and confusing look at the relationship 40-year-old cartoonist and pothead Kent Osborne strikes up with a cute journalist from Chat Roulette. She has a boyfriend somewhere we don’t see, but, throughout the movie, the relationship peaks at a point where I couldn’t help but scratch my head and ponder. And I’m pretty sure that’s the point. Mumblecore doesn’t leave you with stunning visuals or a note-worthy soundtrack, it hits you with the story. 

    Definitely worth a watch if you’re not looking for explosions and jokes galore, Uncle Kent is a raw look at a unique slice of life.

     Now I just need someone to talk with about this.

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